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Sonja Caywood

We're pleased to announce that Sonja was selected by the staff of Rimrock Art & Frame from a group of 18 artists who submitted their work to be represented by our gallery.  The artwork submitted was outstanding, but something about Sonja's work stood out enough to be chosen to hang in our gallery.  Congratulations Sonja and welcome to Rimrock Art & Frame.

A Little About Me

I've always created.  Spending long days in the saddle as a child, I would "frame" the landscape with my hands, long before I learned it was a composition tool.  Creating is integral to my existence -as needed as rain.

I hope my paintings convey my affection for the landscape, livestock and agrarian lifestyle in the Big Horn Mountain region.  Painting preserves and communicates the beauty I see- in a cow, a meadow, a barn- subjects rapidly swallowed up by subdivisions in our area.  It's vital to me to record this last vestige of our "old west" heritage.  Key components of my work include the potrayal of light, amplified color and brushwork over bold under-tones, which adds zest to my traditional "western art"  subjects.

The more experience I gain, the more I rely on the fundamentals learned in my year and a half as a junior college art student.   I supplement my lack of formal education with occasional classes, and I learn a lot from the local artists in my life.  Studying and critiquing art I see in magazines and on the web helps me sort out my value system and pare down my paintings to express what's most important to me: an honest affection for my surroundings that I hope causes viewers to appreciate the world outside their windows.

It's an honor when people buy my work and take it to faraway places; my paintings hang in private collections in over half of the United States, as well as Australia, Colombia, China, Great Britain, Germany, Canada, France and Scotland.  It's an even bigger honor when people who live near the places I paint want to hang my paintings on their walls.

Losing my full-time job of 17 years gave me the chance to embark on this artistic journey over a year ago.  If you took the time to read my patter, I am impressed with your patience.  Have a wonderful day, and please contact me with any questions.  Photo provided by Michael Roberts,

I'm excited to share that the "Hereford Heifer" painting (which showed in Dana Gallery's prestigious "Icons of the West" this summer, as featured in Southwest Art Magazine) was a finalist in the Artist Magazine's Annual Art Competition; watch for her in their December edition.  Along w/ my beloved Rimrock Art & Frame, in Billings, MT, the Tracy Miller Gallery in Manitou Springs, CO, is showing my work.

More Awards & Juried Exhibitions

*2016 Cowgirl Up! (Nat'l Invitational Exhibition) Desert Caballeros Western Museum, Wickenburg, AZ

Live Auction Artist


*2016 Governor's Capitol Art Exhibition, Wyoming State Museum, Cheyenne, WY


*2016 Western Spirit Show, (Nat'l Juried Show) Cheyenne Frontier Days Old West Museum, Cheyenne, WY


*2015 Goodnight Trail Show & Sale (Nat'l Invitational Show/Sale) El Pueblo Museum, Pueblo, CO


* 2015 Icons of the West, (Nat'l Juried Show) Dana Gallery, Missoula, MT


* 2015 Texas National, (Nat'l Juried Show) Stephen F. Austin University Art Gallery, Nacodoches, TX


* 2015 Western Spirit Show, (Nat'l Juried Show) Cheyenne Frontier Days Old West Museum, Cheyenne, WY;

"Best Miniature" for "Feed Time"


*  2015 Governor's Capitol Art Exhibition, Wyoming State Museum, Cheyenne, WY;


*  2015 Yellowstone Art Museum Auction 47, YAM, Billings, MT; I was also a Quick Draw Artist at the event


* 2014 Wyoming Wilderness Association's Traveling Art Exhibition (National Juried Traveling Exhibition of 25 paintings),           Sheridan, Moose, & Laramie, WY, respectively. Sept- Nov. 2014

"Best Painting" for "Near Moran Junction"


* 2014 Scenes in the City (Nat'l Juried Show), SAGE Exhibit Gallery, Sheridan, WY;

"2nd Place" for "Alley of the Rainbow"


*    2014 4th Annual SAGE Nat'l Juried Exhibition, Sagebrush Fine Art Gallery, Sheridan, WY;

"Best of Show" for "Aw, Ma"


*    2014 Icons of the West (National Juried Show), Dana Gallery, Missoula, MT;


*   2014 Rocky Mountain Regional Juried Exhibition, Carbon County Depot Gallery, Red Lodge, MT;

1st Place (top honors) for "Saturday Brunch"


*   2014 Western Spirit Show, (National Juried Show) Cheyenne Frontier Days Old West Museum, Cheyenne, WY;

Chosen as one of the six Quick Draw Artists


*   2013 YAM Art Auction 46, Yellowstone Art Museum, Billings, MT;


*   2013 Big West Arts Festival Director's Award for "Retirement,"

(purchase award for Sheridan College Permanent Collection & cash prize)


*   2013 Sheridan Parks & Pathways Nat'l Juried Show, Sheridan, WY;

1st Place for "Burgess Bridge, Kendrick" (purchased by Mayor & Mrs Dave Kinskey of Sheridan)


*   2013 3rd Annual SAGE Nat'l Juried Show, Sheridan, WY;

1st Place for "Last Light on Littlehorn Road"

People's Choice for "Near Moran Junction"


*   2013 Railway National Juried Show, Depot Museum, Cheyenne, WY;

2nd Place for "Retirement"


*   2013 Governor's Capitol Art Exhibition, Wyoming State Museum, Cheyenne, WY;

Purchase Award for "Sunday Morning Fellowship"


*   2013 Trail End Museum's Short Notice Invitational Show (not juried), Sheridan, WY;

People's Choice for "Carriage House at Kendrick"


*   2013 Western Spirit Show, (Nat'l Juried Show) Frontier Days Old West Museum, Cheyenne, WY;


*   2013 RBBG Juried Art Show & Sale, (Nat'l Juried Show) Bluff, CA;


*   2012 SAGE Nat'l Juried Show, Sagebrush Art Center, Sheridan, WY;


*   2012 Governor's Capitol Art Exhibition, Hynds Building, Cheyenne, WY;


*   2012 Railway Nat'l Juried Show, Depot Museum, Cheyenne, WY;