Meet the Gang

David's favorite saying is  "There's no need to fear, Underdog is here!"

David has been diligently building beautiful  frames since 2011. He is retired from the  Absarokee school system where he taught Art for over 20 years utilizing his Master of Fine Arts from Washington State University.

He'll also answer to Mr. C.
 Hannah, aka "Hanners" cut her teeth in the frame shop beginning in 2004.  Over the years she reluctantly inherited the crown of "queen canvas stretcher" and hasn't looked back since.

Hanners is currently on sabbatical with her 2nd child, but still comes in occasionally to keep us in line.
Melissa, aka "Auntie M" is a graduate of the Montana State University Billings Art program and has been in the custom framing biz since 1997.  We were lucky to have her join the Gang in 2012.

In January, 2016 Melissa became Montana's only registered Certified Picture Framer. The CPF certification is achieved by rigorous study of professional framing documents, practices, materials and techniques and culminates with a 3 hour written exam. Congratulations Melissa!


Eli is a full-time college student but helps out around the shop when he can....unless it's hunting or snowboard season. Then we don't see him much.
Karen and Scott have owned Rimrock Art since March, 2004.

We're so blessed to have a great crew to work with who make this business so much fun! 
 Mandie has extensive customer service experience from her years at Starbucks Coffee. She is also a talented musician so the arts are running through her veins.  She loves color so don't be surprised when she tries to add some "pop" to your frame design!

Cheryll is a full-time Billings teacher and mom who loves to stay busy by helping us during the summer and after school when she can.
We're trying to talk her into an early retirement so she can be with us full-time, but we're not having any far.

The world renowned Ric Zimmerman joined the gang in November, 2016. Ric utilizes his many years as a professional photographer to manage our art reproduction and giclée printing department. If it has to do with photography, Photoshop or high-end printing, Ric is your man!