Giving Back

When requesting a donation from us, please consider this;  just as you rely on us for our continued support, we rely on you for your support throughout the year.  Without customers, we won’t be in business to grant donations.  Please know that we love to give, but in order for us to give, we have to stay in business.  So please remember us for your art and framing needs throughout the year and kindly refer your friends and family.

Billings, Montana is a very charitable community and there are many wonderful organizations who are committed to helping those in need and making this a better place to live.  It is our desire to participate and partner with these organizations where and when we can.  We feel that to be a significant and meaningful member of our community, we are called to give and serve.  This is what sets us apart from the Big-Box stores.

As you can imagine, Rimrock Art & Frame gets many requests to donate goods and services to these causes.  In fact, we get so many requests, that we simply cannot fulfill them all.  Therefore, we have created a very simple policy for handling donation requests.  We ask that if you are seeking a donation from us, that you respect this policy.

Our Donation Policy:

In order for a group to be considered for a donation, you must complete our Donation Request Form in full.  We will no longer accept telephone requests or drop off requests without this completed form.  Once the form has been completed and submitted, you will be informed of our decision to:

  • make a full donation or
  • partner with you at 50% cost-share or
  • deny the donation.

We realize that this may be difficult in certain circumstances, but please understand that there is a reason we have developed this policy.  We simply cannot commit to all organizations, events and causes so we will be filtering the requests accordingly. Please note that we will give preference to those organizations who’s cause benefits children.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and understanding.

Donation Request Form pdf