Carol Hagan

Carol Hagan

  • Painting Career?
    • I started painting in 1987
  • What's on your iPod?
    • Big variety....Pink Floyd, Johnny Cash, Rolling Stones, AC/DC and lots more
  • What inspires you?
    • Color, music, nature, snowy days and the soft noses of horses
  • What is your artistic style?
    • "Contemporary Expressionism"

Becoming An Artist

“Painting and drawing really didn’t play an important role in my life throughout my childhood and teenage years. In college I studied to be an accountant. I found my passion for painting and drawing in 1987, after my son was born. The genesis of my life as an artist unfolds here. I was searching for an occupation that would allow me to stay at home and raise my child, and still make ends meet. A desire to listen to my own voice and express myself through my paintings quickly became a passion.”

Style And Color

“I have not had any formal art schooling. I am self-taught as an artist, and have worked hard to develop my own style of expressing myself on paper and canvas. My paintings come from my heart. They are a contemporary expression of my subject matter, both through my choices of vibrant color and textures that I use. While I was drawn to use a similar color palette in my work since I first began to paint, I feel my use of color and technique of layering vibrant hues in more complex ways is constantly evolving. Currently my medium of choice is oils, as I have found that the more I explore them, the more entranced I become with their vibrant hues and depth. I strive to learn from each and every painting I do, and plan to always remain the eternal student. It is in this manner that I feel my work can continue to evolve and grow.”


“I was born in 1962 in Central City, Nebraska, but at the age of seven, my family moved to Montana, and I have lived there ever since. Spending much of my life in Montana has allowed me to nurture a deep love of the West, it’s fascinating history, stunning landscapes, and the people and animals who inhabit it…all subjects that find their way into much of my current work. Several trips to the Southwest have inspired me to paint scenes from that part of the West as well. The Southwest exudes such raw beauty and unique architecture. I have particularly enjoyed exploring the back roads, and painting the old churches there. The animals and scenic beauty the West holds are subjects that I will always enjoy painting.”

About My Art

“My paintings and prints are now in private and corporate collections across the United States and abroad. My original paintings are currently represented in fine art galleries in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Denver, Colorado, Tubac, Arizona, Cody, Wyoming, and Bozeman, Livingston, and Bigfork, Montana. 2008 is a year that holds many honors and exciting shows. I am deeply honored to be invited to join the Legends Santa Fe Gallery’s family of artists (contact info on our “Links” page!). My work has been selected to be included in the 40th Annual C.M. Russell Auction of Original Western Art, and I have been invited to participate as a Quick Draw Artist in Saturday night’s Auction festivities as well. I have also been invited with a select group of over 50 women artists of the West to participate in the Desert Caballeros Western Museum’s “Cowgirl Up! Art From the Other Half of the West” Exhibition & Sale, in Wickenburg, Arizona. Other shows include the Settlers West Galleries invitational “American Miniatures Show”, the C.M. Russell Museum’s Miniatures Show, the Hockaday Museum’s Miniatures Show, the Big Horn Galleries’ Summer Roundup Show, the Legends Santa Fe Indian Market Show, and The Buffalo Bill Art Show & Sale in Cody, Wyoming, to name a few. Solo shows of my work include Visions West Gallery in August, and Big Horn Gallery in Tubac, AZ, in November.