Art Capture

Whether you need to just have a digital file made for safe keeping or want to pursue making fine art prints, the capture phase of the process is the most important step towards a quality printed reproduction.

Ric Zimmerman, Master,Cr Photographer and professional portrait photographer for over 40 years is in charge of capturing your work's finest details. There is an "art" to shooting works of art and Ric is a master. Lighting during the capture is critical and our dedicated studio allows us complete control over the conditions necessary for a great shot!

Once the shot has been made and captured, a series of initial level and color corrections are made in Photoshop to insure that the captured image represents the original as closely as possible. Please note that as an artist, you have access to unlimited colors with which to create a masterpiece, however, current printing technology only allows us 12 colors so not every color will reproduce exactly.

Test prints are available on a variety of medium including 100% Cotton Rag papers, archival canvas, matte proofing papers and photo luster. Others are available, but not always in stock.