About RimrockSet Apart from the Crowd

Rimrock was formed in 1994 by the legendary Howard Crumbacher and his family.  Howard ran the shop and built the frames until March, 2004 when the business was purchased by Scott & Karen Cox and their kids. Sadly, we lost Howard in July, 2014.

Under new ownership, Rimrock Art & Frame has continued to thrive and grow through a roller coaster of economic environments over the years. In 2007, we relocated one mile south to a larger and more appropriate space that allows us to take on larger and more challenging projects while still maintaining a fantastic west-end location.

In 2017 we launched Rimrock Image Studio, a stand-alone division of Rimrock Art built solely for the purpose of helping our clients get their digital images into print form simply and inexpensively. Give it a try by clicking here!

What Sets Us Apart?

We’re not just building picture frames at Rimrock Art & Frame. We’re building relationships. When you become a customer, we’re not “closing the deal”; we’re opening doors. Our success lies in our desire to build customer loyalty through lasting personal connections….ones that result in new friendships that ultimately transcend the business transaction.  We hear it over and over again; “it’s different here”. That’s what sets us apart!

When it comes right down to it, not all custom frame shops are equal. At Rimrock we know that it’s not really about the frame or the art. It’s about the PEOPLE. The people who buy and sell them. The people who manufacture, use and enjoy them. The people who are gifted with the talent of working with their hands. That’s what its really about. We were created to have relationships with other people, and so we crave that personal connection even with the places we do business. At Rimrock we take the time to get to know you and your project so that we can effectively assist you in creating the perfect extension of your personality….and hopefully make a new friend!

Our Frame of Mind

  • We believe that quality craftsmanship is still a good value. Sure you pay a little more up front, but custom framed artwork should not be disposable.
  • We believe that offering a sale every week of the year is deception. Instead we offer our clients outstanding value every day.
  • We believe that our clients deserve to be treated with respect, honesty and integrity.
  • We believe in actively supporting our community through service and contributions.
  • We believe in what we do and have a passion for it. And we believe that we’re the best at what we do!

Brick & Mortar

"Brick & Mortar" is e-commerce jargon for a business that has a physical presence. Locally owned and operated, Rimrock Art & Frame has been a fixture on the Billings business landscape since 1994. Unlike the big-box stores and internet framers, our business, employees and families are a vital part of our community and we contribute accordingly.

Properly designed custom framing thrives on a personal relationship with those who create it. That’s why framing on the internet will never be done correctly. We’re here so you can touch and feel the materials that will go into your project. We’re here so you can select the perfect shade of red. We’re here so you have someone to call with concerns or just need some friendly advice. You can be confident that we’ll be here when you need us. That’s what sets us apart!

We don’t sell crafts, paints or home décor. Custom framing is all we do and it’s our passion. We would love the opportunity to show you the many ways that we’re set apart from the crowd!

Our Frame of Mind