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Along Moose Creek by Carol Hagan

Along Moose Creek

— Carol Hagan

Limited Edition giclée print on watercolor paper

September Cravings by Sonja Caywood

September Cravings

— Sonja Caywood

From Sonja's "Whimsical Wanderings" series

When Fish Fly by Susan Bryan

When Fish Fly

— Susan Bryan

Original pallet-knife oil on panel (Prints available too!)

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"Rimrock Art & Frame does our framing exclusively. We trust them implicitly because of their meticulous attention to detail, and the exceptional care they give to their craft. Their quality, great customer service, and prices make them one of the best in the framing industry!"

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    By FedEx Office; June 2014  When you ask Scott Cox, owner of Eastern Montana-based custom shop, Rimrock Art & Frame, what separates his small business from the pack, his answer is easy: Cox focuses his selling model as much on the picture frame business as he does on the relationship building business. To say Rimrock Art & Frame is thriving would be an understatement. Through hard work, investment in technology, social media marketing and a strong staff, the custom framing and retai...

  • Are Galleries Really Necessary in Today's Art Market?

    By Sonja Caywood on 2/10/2015 8:53:01 AM It was once difficult to sell artwork without gallery representation, but websites, social media and online venues allow today's artists to sell directly to consumers.  Galleries no longer monopolize the art market, so artists wonder whether it's necessary to relinquish up to 50% of a painting's price tag to a gallery middleman; however, partnership with a reputable gallery provides benefits such as exposure, promotion, and advice that can advan...

  • Art Makes You Smart

    By  BRIAN KISIDA, JAY P. GREENE and DANIEL H. BOWEN New York Times FOR many education advocates, the arts are a panacea: They supposedly increase test scores, generate social responsibility and turn around failing schools.

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