Rimrock Image Studio

Rimrock Image Studio

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Baby Meadowlark #9 by Carol Hagan

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— Carol Hagan & Others

Rimrock Art is home to Carol Hagan, David Graham, Sonja Caywood and others

Custom Framing at Rimrock Art & Frame

Custom Framing

— It's our passion

The best deal in Custom Framing is still RIGHT HERE!

Corporate Art Rimrock Art & Frame

Corporate Art

— Art for your business

The art that ends up on your walls deserves the same design and planning considerations as the carpet, paint and cabinets.

Hear from Others

"Rimrock Art & Frame does our framing exclusively. We trust them implicitly because of their meticulous attention to detail, and the exceptional care they give to their craft. Their quality, great customer service, and prices make them one of the best in the framing industry!"


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